About us

Association for development and education of youth “Safe Step” from Bijeljina was founded on 12.09.2017. at the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The initiators and founders of the organization are young Roma and non-Roma, who have gained various knowledge, experiences and skills over the past years, and have additionally brought into the work the will and desire for progress of the entire local community. With the founding of the organization, the idea to open a safe space, a better ambience and a place for young people from Bijeljina to develop their ideas and express their opinions and views was launched.

We can say so much about the goals of the organization. For our organization, the goals are presented as progress for each individual through education, practice and work in the organization. Also, one of the important segments that the organization deals with is the creation of a network of social capital in the form of help and support to every vulnerable member of our society, regardless of gender, race, religion and ethnicity. The association works to raise awareness of the importance of education within the youth, and especially the Roma population, as well as to expand the ideas of youth activism, volunteering and initiating volunteer activities. One of the goals of the organization is to preserve and improve the environment as well as to achieve the protection of human rights, especially the rights of children.

As an organization, we want to contribute to the promotion and development of the non-governmental sector, and to create a network throughout the country and internationally. Through its activities, it provides support to the elderly and single, single mothers, orphans and Roma families. The association has a group of volunteers whose number is growing every day, they attend the events of various activities that are important for improving their position and progress.

The Association for Development and Education of Youth “Safe Step” recognized the need and revoked some of its activities and decided to establish an office for Roma issues, located at the address Vojvode Petra Bojovića 145, opened every working day from 8 am to 3 pm, and aims to provide both counseling and other types of support to the Roma population through its activities, as well as through education itself to help overcome the difficulties they encounter. The advantage of the organization as well as the Office for Roma Affairs is that it is located in the community where the largest number of Roma families live in Bijeljina.

As part of the activities of the Office for Roma Affairs, the organization gathers the population of the Roma and works to raise awareness of the importance of education among all populations, especially Roma. One of the most burning issues that the organization aims at solving is is the empowerment of women in the prevention of domestic violence.

The importance of this organization is reflected in the involvement of young people in the work of the organization, in order to activate them, increase work habits, prevent the development negative habits and reduce the negative habits and increase their participation in the development of social communities.