YEAR 2021

  • Project “Older brother, older sister”. Donor: Foundation “Stariji brat, starija sestra” (eng. Older brother, older sister).  Project goal: According to the donors, the purpose of this program is: “In the project we connect primary school children, usually between 6 and 14 years, with one” older sister “or” older brother “, ie with one volunteer – a young person 20-35 years. During the weekly socializing, the child develops a confidential, safe and supportive relationship with the volunteer, which for him is a positive model of behavior. “
  • A project on women’s human rights and the fight against gender-based violence and early/forced marriage. Donor: FRIDA the Young Feminist Fund. The goal is to empower girls and women to fight for their women’s rights and learn all their rights, as well as to help women and girls from the Bijeljina area (with a focus on marginalized women and girls – Roma, socially vulnerable and women and girls with disabilities) to be more independent and exercise their legally guaranteed rights.

YEAR 2020


  1. “Project of Strengthening and Increasing the Capacity of the Association for Better Work in the Local Community”. Donor: FRIDA Young Feminist Fund. The goal of the project is networking among the members of the FRIDA Network, as well as empowering all members of the Network.
  2.   “A project on Gender-Based Violence”. Donor: FRIDA the Young Feminist Fund. The goal of the project is to empower girls and women about gender-based violence, as well as about fighting for their women’s rights.


  1. “A State of Emergency is Not an Excuse! Find Out About Your Rights!” Donor: RING Network. The aim of the message is to help workers, especially workers who receive unjustified dismissals during the new situation with the Covid-19 virus, by directing them to fight for their rights under the employment contract.
  2. “Social Exclusion of Marginalized Women (Roma Women) and Women From Socially Disadvantaged Families”. Donor: Foundation for Women’s Empowerment Bosnia and Herzegovina (FWE BiH). Main goal: Greater visibility of marginalized women and women from socially disadvantaged families, as well as their empowerment to fight for their rights in institutions (advocacy).
  3. “My right, not my privilege.” Donor: Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights. The aim of the project is to inform women and girls from the area of ​​Bijeljina, with a special focus on Roma women, socially vulnerable and women and girls with disabilities, about their women’s human rights; raising public awareness of women’s human rights, especially these target groups and liaising with representatives of institutions from the area of ​​Bijeljina that are relevant to the realization of these women’s rights.
  4. “Find out about your employment rights.” Donor: Global Resilience Fund for Girls and Young Women. The aim of the project is to inform girls and young women from the area of ​​Bijeljina about their employment rights, ways to fight and exercise those rights, relevant laws concerning their labor rights, laws on their women’s rights and laws on antidiscrimination policies. Also, the goal was to inform women and girls about the situation and rights regarding employment during the pandemic.


  • Activity “16 Days of Activism”: November 25 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, December 1 – World Day against HV / ADIS, December 2 – International Day for the Abolition of Slavery and December 10 – International Human Rights Day),
  • Month of Roma Women’s Activism March 8 – April 8 (poverty week – distribution of clothes, week of political participation, empowering women to get involved in politics…)
  • We also marked the International Youth Day on August 12 with a street action on the Town Square in Bijeljina


YEAR 2019

1. “Want peace? Be a Team! ” was an awareness-raising project on violence against women, with a focus on the conflict environment. The project was implemented in cooperation with the informal group “Stop the violence before it’s too late” from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the donor of the project is “FRIDA” the young feminist fund.

2. “People Are Not Slaves- Let’s Stop Modern Slavery”. Donor: Lara Foundation / RING Network. The overall goal of the project was to prevent human trafficking by informing the general population about sexual and labor exploitation and child abuse as forms of human trafficking, but also to draw attention to the problem of community begging and reduce discrimination.

YEAR 2018

1. “Tradition is not early marriage” – Donor: Fund of Young Feminists “FRIDA”. The goal was to reduce the number of forced marriages in the area of ​​the city of Bijeljina through workshops with Roma girls and cooperation with institutions. Project results: Strengthening young Roma women and girl through education on forced marriages and the harmful effects of early marriage.

2. “Let’s Play Big and Small.” Donor: Institute for Youth Development “KULT” from Sarajevo. The goal was to set up a playground for children in the Novo Naselje community in the City of Bijeljina, as well as to increase socializing between Roma and non-Roma children. Result: A playground was set up in the Novo Naselje settlement for Roma and non-Roma children, increasing the inclusion of children through socializing on the playground.

3. “Safe Play” – Donor of the project: Association of High School Students of BiH (ASUBIH). Project goals: 1. Education on the importance of activism and involvement in the work of the local community, 2. breaking prejudices and stereotypes towards the Roma population, 3. enabling the existing playground for safe and long-term stay of children. The result: 1. educated young people about the importance of activism in the local community, 2. reduced prejudices and stereotypes towards the Roma population 3. renovated playground for children in Tombak in Bijeljina, as well as better security of the playground.

4. “Be careful – Protect Yourself”- Donor: City Administration of the City of Bijeljina. The main goal of the project: Strengthening the role of young Roma and non-Roma in the promotion and protection of sexual and reproductive health. Specific objectives: 1. increase the knowledge of young Roma and non-Roma about sexual and reproductive health through peer workshops 2. Increase the knowledge of Roma women about sexual and reproductive health, in order to share the acquired knowledge with their fellow citizens in the Roma community and children on this topic. 3. Raising awareness of the Roma population about the need for increased care for sexual and reproductive health through a media campaign