Violeta Mrkaljević, coordinator of projects in the association “Safe Step” attended the Forum with the mayor, which was held on February 13, 2024. organized by the “Lara” foundation in the “Drina” hotel in Bijeljina. The forum was organized on the topic of resocialization and reintegration of women victims of violence into society, as part of the project “Proactive Citizens” (“Proaktivni građani i građanke” PRAGG).

At the forum, it was presented which activities have been implemented so far during the project, and then the initiatives for the next steps were presented.

After that, the mayor of Bijeljina, Ljubiša Petrović, through his address to the audience, expressed his support, previous participation and willingness to cooperate with all organizations from the area of the city and beyond, including our association, which deal with these issues.

At the end, a discussion was held, where each of the participants could ask questions, suggestions and comments, and then the closing speech was held and the forum ended.