In September, October and November 2021, the Association for Development and Education of Youth “Safe Step” implemented the project “Prevention is half of health”, which is funded by the Institute of Public Health of Republika Srpska.

A total of 12 workshops were held with Romani women and girls, held by Stojanka Nikolić, a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. The topics of the workshops were: prevention of sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and nutrition in pregnancy, blood pressure and diabetes in pregnancy, postpartum depression, gynecological examinations of girls, the importance of prevention of cervical cancer and breast cancer, Papanikolau test. The women also asked questions, sought advice from a gynecologist, and were offered a free checkup, which most accepted.

When it comes to workshops with children, the workshops were held by spec. pediatrics Snezana Simic-Peric. A total of 9 workshops with children were held. The topics of the workshops were: healthy nutrition, diseases that children may have, risky behavior, vaccination, the importance of regular sleep, clothing, the importance of dental health, hygiene. Spec. pediatrics also answered many questions for the children, and helped the girl get instructions for glasses. She regularly asked the children if they went to the doctor, if they had a health card, and she also checked if there were any problems with sight, hearing or developmental difficulties.

In November, street actions were held in Roma settlements in Bijeljina, where it was talked to Roma men and women about their opinion about the COVID-19 virus, about vaccination and distributed leaflets about immunization against COVID-19. This activity was realized by the Roma mediator Begzada Jovanović.