The Association for Development and Education of Youth “Safe Step” started in September the implementation of the project “Prevention is half of health”, which is financed by the PHI “Institute for Public Health of the Republic of Srpska”.

The goals, the reasons for which the project is implemented, how the project will contribute to the improvement of Roma health are:

  1. To teach 20 Roma children aged 7 to 15 from the area of the city of Bijeljina healthy living habits;
  2. That 30 Roma women from the city of Bijeljina gain knowledge and information about sexual and reproductive health and the importance of prevention;
  3. To inform 200 Roma men and women from Roma communities in Bijeljina about the importance of immunization in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

The first workshop was held with Roma women of reproductive age, and the workshop was led by Dr. Stojanka Nikolić, spec. gynecology and obstetrics.