Association “Safe Step ” started 2021 with numerous projects and activities.

One of these activities was the distribution of school supplies to socially disadvantaged and Roma children, as well as the collection and distribution of clothing to socially disadvantaged and Roma families.

Also, numerous workshops were organized with girls and women on the topic of gender equality, gender roles and women’s human rights; as part of the project on women’s human rights and the fight against violence against women supported by FRIDA the Young Feminist Fund

Members of “Safe Step” continued to strengthen and learn this year through participation in various seminars, trainings and workshops.

One of the most important topics of such seminars and workshops is the fight against human trafficking, and the association “Safe Step” has been a proud member of the RING network for four years now.

Members of the “Safe Step” on the occasion of marking the Eighth of March this year prepared gift cards, as well as messages on women’s rights, which they shared and presented on the city square of Bijeljina.

“Safe Step” dedicates most of its activities to the rights of Roma, and only some of those activities were: marking the World Roma Day on April 8, marking St. George’s Day (the biggest Roma holiday) and mapping Roma families.

Thanks to FRIDA the Young Feminist Fund, members of “Safe Step” had the opportunity to strengthen and work on team building through a workshop on project writing, but also to reduce stress through the relaxing atmosphere of Wellness & Spa Leonida in the Ethno Village “Stanišići” in Bijeljina.

The association is especially proud of establishing cooperation with the Stariji brat, starija sestra (Older Brother, Older Sister) Foundation and leading the project of the same name. Our children are our treasure, and this project is an ideal opportunity to work with children at risk, and show them the love, tenderness and empathy that all the children of the world need.