“A state of emergency is not an excuse! Find out about your rights! ” This is the name of the project that the Association for Development and Education of Youth “Safe Step” implemented with the support of the RING network.

The aim of the project was to raise public awareness about the increased number of dismissals during the COVID-19 virus, especially towards women, and to acquaint workers with their basic rights under the employment contract.

For the purpose of the project, the Association recorded and published 2 videos showing 2 different situations on social networks. The first video clip shows the situation when a worker is fired and silently accepts the dismissal. The second video shows a situation when a worker gets fired and protests against the dismissal because she is aware of her rights under the employment

Links to both videos:

In addition to the video, the association distributed, in the street, leaflets containing basic information about the Law on the Work of the Republika Srpska.